Sunday, 15 August 2010

Mattia Fagnoni Association

  The Mattia Fagnoni Association was sent up by Francesco and Simona Fagnon, after their son Mattia was diagnosed with a rare genetic, degenerative disease “Sandhoff Syndrome”,  The aim of the cause is to raise funds for finding a cure and provide support for other sufferers and carers who would need it!

The Mattia Fagnoni Association asks artists to donate work to the charity and then auction it off to raise the much needed funds!

Below is my donated piece which will be up for auction on the 25th Sept. fingers crossed it will do the charity proud!

  There are many other artist taking part in this auction you can find there work the link below. also if you are an artist interested in helping out then you can get in touch with Mattia Fagnoni Association by clicking the link too!!!

You can also join me on my Facebook page Aylosdoodles there you will find loads more of my work!

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